"No, no, no, you're doing it WRONG. You all are the absolute WORST cast I have ever had in my nine years of doing plays at this school. COMMON SENSE, PEOPLE. Use your brains! If you have some."

These are just about the only words I, and the rest of the cast, have heard in the past two or maybe it's three months.

You're worthless.

Have you ever done this before?


That looks HORRIBLE!

Everyone feels sick - at least I know I do. I dread every scene I have to do. In the recent months, the theatre department at my school has decided to put on a production on Narnia: The Musical in which I play The White Witch (Queen Jadis, The Queen of Ice, you know, the evil one). At first I thought, "Hey, this will be fun. I like the directors, and I can't wait to work with the rest of the cast!"


Sure, we have a fantabulous cast (or, wel, I think so), but the director? NO. Gripe, nothing but gripe. Everyday, except for Sunday thank God, we get to hear how WORTHLESS we are. She has fired people because they've missed one practice, and she almost cancelled the play because I wasn't going to be there one day. But of course, I had to switch plans, because we just canNOT make the director angry.

Our director loves me as a theatre student, and occasionally, as an actor. Every now and then, like we're talking on the least common of occasions, she says, "That scene was pretty good."


This play has taken quite the number on everyone's selfesteem including my own. Everyday, I come home feeling like a worthless piece of a crap McMuffin, man. Am I wrong to say this should have been just a little bit fun? Am I wrong ro say, that it is rude to tell kids from the ages of 11 to 14 that they're worthless?

No one even wants to do the musical anymore. Everyone wanted me to quit today, because with no Whitw Witch, there's no play. I would say not ONE cast member wants to do this anymore.

To conclude this big long rant, being mean to kids because you're a friendless meanie with no life does not get you, or the kids you're being mean to, anywhere in life. It makes them feel craptastic...


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