Taiga and I were at La Push, with Quil. Quil was doing something, but we ignored him. Amy soon texts Taiga saying, "Coming to pick you up now." I frowned when I saw the text. The only reason why Taiga and Amy were coming along was because, the Doctor's are evil... and I'm terrified of them. We waited a for Amy, talking and listening to music. Amy soon comes.

We all get into Amy's car. Amy hands me her GPS. "Type in the address..." She said to me. I nodded, typing it in and handing it back to her. I turn on my phone's music, and we listen to "StarStrukk" and other songs that were on shuffle. About... 15 minutes later, we arrive.

"Ok Drea, time to go in." Taiga said. "NOOOOOOO! THAT PLACE IS EVIL!! AHHHHHHH!" I screamed, freaking out. It continue's like that a few more times before Taiga is able to grab my arm, and hold me down, dragging me in. "NOOO MOMMY! NOOOOOOO!" I scream. The whole time, I was screaming when she was dragging me. She enter's the lobby. Other people stare at us, because I'm still screaming. Taiga smiles at them, "She is just scared of needles." She said, still smiling. Amy goes up to the counter, and get's everything set up. I had already made the appointment.

Taiga and Amy, mange to get me into a room. They both sit down. Not me, I ran around the room screaming, and banging on the walls and the door. "THIS IS THERE CHAMBER OF EVIL!!! AHHHHH!"I scream. "Drea, chill. It's just a check up." Taiga says. Then, the doctor opens the door and enters. I turn and see him. My eyes widen, I scream jumping on him and attacking him. I do that for a few minutes, no one try's to stop me. I stop, jumping off of him. "Your cute." I said, blushing looking down at the floor.

The doctor doesn't waste a second. Today must have been busy. He starts doing all of the testy, doctory stuff. I stand there waiting impatient. The only reason I didn't attack him was because he was cute. He soon finishes, and he speaks. "She has a little bit of the flu. Take this medication." He said.

"Crud." Amy says, standing and stepping out, talking to a nurse. Taiga grabs the medication, and we step out, waiting for Amy. "Come on!" Taiga says. I wait, I couldn't be here anymore. Amy nods, tossing the keys to Taiga. "Be there in a second, get the car started." She called. Taiga and I nodded, walking to her car, and opening it. Amy soon came, and we drive to the Cullen's to hang out.

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Comment by Krista Black on October 11, 2009 at 8:28pm
lol the doctor was hott lol good1
Comment by Drea Villian on October 11, 2009 at 6:23am
-laughs- Goodtimes... You know... if I go to the dentist, you better be coming and have a straight jacket. -laughs again-
Comment by Taiga Vera Vladmira Rogers on October 10, 2009 at 10:23pm
-smiles- Ah I remember this lovely day -laughs- at least I know how to keep cool.


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