My Thoughts and Fears About Moving to a New Country Alone

In my last few months as a Sydneysider I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’ll soon be leaving to live and work on the other side of the world, completely alone, leaving behind my family and friends that love and care about me immensely. So as I reflect on the huge decision I have made, I thought I would take some time to express the things I am most looking forward to and also the people and things that I will miss the most at home in Sydney.

So one of the things I am most looking forward to is meeting new people. I feel like with my personality, it won’t be too hard for me to make friends. I can’t wait to experience new friendships and a new way of life and also a fresh perspective on things. I also have never seen or touched snow before, and where I’m going, there certainly isn’t a shortage of snow *giggles*. I cannot wait to try my luck at snowboarding and go to hockey games at my favourite team’s home arena. There are so many things for me to look forward to, if I listed them all I will probably end up writing a short novel so for now, what I have said so far will suffice.

Now for the difficult part… What I will miss the most…

My Mum, wow, I will miss her so much I can guarantee that there will be tears every day. She means the world to me and leaving her on her own for 2 whole years is too painful to even think about. My Mum is such a soft, shy person. I always find that I am the one to look after her than the other way around. I have always supported her through tough times and good times as she has with me.

My friends… I can’t even begin to explain how amazing they are. I have 3 different friendship groups that I spend time with and I am equally close to each one of my friends, in fact I consider each of my friends a best friend. They have always been there for me and I will always be there for me, even if I am on the other side of the world, they will always be a priority in my life.

Australian/Sydney things…

My AFL Team, the Sydney Swans. What on earth will I do without my football!?!?! As a 17 year loyal member of the Swans, I can’t imagine not spending a Saturday afternoon at the SCG cheering on my wonderful Swannies. I know I will be able to watch their games on the TV but it’s just not the same as being there, an extra voice in the crowd when they need us to cheer them into a win. I will still renew my membership though because that’s just how loyal I am *laughs*.

My NRL Team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Like the Swannies, its going to be hard not being able to watch the Bunnies play live… As a hardcore AFL fan, the NRL code is not really a big thing to me, but the Rabbitohs are, and I reckon if Russell Crowe can cheer on his Bunnies from the other side of the world then I can too!!

The Aussie way of life…

Boy am I going to miss Saturday/Sunday afternoon BBQ’s with snags, a few cold ones, potato salad and great friends. There is nothing like an Aussie BBQ and I can say right now that the day I get back from Canada, my family and friends better have the BBQ fired up and the party in swing when I step in my backyard!!!

I know all of my friends will fight me on this one but I will admit that as much as I can’t stand the Aussie summer (ITS TOO HOT!!) I will in fact, miss the beach… Wether it’s Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring, I actually love to walk on the warm golden sand of Bondi, Coogee, Bronte, or Cronulla and just take in the sound of the waves and those pesky seagulls, and feel the refreshing spray of sea water on my face (wow just thinking about the beach right now is making me want to walk out of the office and head down to Bondi!!)

Well I think that’s enough rambling from me for now. Stay tuned for more during the lead up to my departure :)

Thanks for reading!!

Tara xXx

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