My father's undoing was the loss of his co-conspirator my brother Stephen. After his death my mother, my sisters and I went to live in the country house. Where we could live in peace and quiet. Resume a somewhat normal life even with the mark on our good name that treason brings.

This of course did not stop my father. He be came more passionate in his claims that Stephen was wronged. Instead of trying to undo the wrong which it seems a normal man would do for his son. He remembered that he had a spare male child and wanted to take the throne as Stephen was murdered for. I am certain that any male child would do naturally but it seemed that destiny had her hand in this one.

I was just lying down for sleep when my father came bursting into my room. He said he needed me immediately and hurriedly helped me dress. We left the country house quickly and quietly with no time for me to say good bye to my mother and my sisters.

Once we were in London, my father took me through some secret tunnels under the city. Occasionally met by men in masks. I had a feeling my father was up to one of his schemes again. What I could not figure out is my part in this. My heart started to speed up more then when he grabbed me from the house.

We reached the end of our journey to a room of some sort. Around a large table were a few recognizable members of the peerage. They of course were lower in rank to my father. My father pulled out a chair and asked me to have a seat. I felt the chair push at the back of my legs. I fall into the chair.

My father started to tell me of his plan. I was shocked that he had actually wanted my participation in his scheme. He stated that he wanted me to be the next Charlemagne. He kept telling me that he had sold his soul to make me invincible. I tried to tell him that I wanted no part in his plans. I pleaded with the others in the room for assistance. My request fell on deaf ears.

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Comment by Benjamin Naifeh Atiyeh on March 8, 2012 at 7:58pm

That is very true Irishman! Very true!


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