Okay readers. Don't hate me.

My knowledge of "Twilight" was nil to none even when the movie came out in November of 2008. Vampires have reminded me of horror films my whole life and even knowing that little piece of what Twilight was did not endear me to the story or the film.

At the time as well, I was too busy being disappointed that "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" was postponed until Summer of 2009. As well, the young adult gothic romance, fantasy or however 'Twilight' is categorized is way outside of my normal reading genre or my normal movie viewings. I am so embedded emotionally into the classics of authors like Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Hemingway and others along with my guiltiest pleasure of the dime-store romance that this series was off my horizon and in outer space. Remember this as well, I am 38 almost 39 years old!

My first contact with "Twilight" came as a gift from a friend in return for a favor I had done. She presented me with the book and I thanked her kindly although I never thought I would actually pick it up and read it.

Boy was I ever wrong!!

That same evening, my curiosity got the better of me and I started reading it. Shocker...I actually liked it...no not liked LOVED! I got lost in picturing how every character looked, spoke and moved. I literally did not put the book down until I finished it at 1:00 AM the following morning!

Okay, I thought I was done and although my curiosity won out I was absolutely NOT going to go out and purchase the sequel books and was NOT going to see the film. I was and still am upset about the Harry Potter thing thinking the studio postponed the release for fear of competition. How right I probably am now that I see what a HUGE phenomena this Twilight saga really is.

I went to work the following Monday and was speaking to a co-worker and she said she had the movie on DVD and would lend it to me. I thanked her and that Friday I borrowed the movie and took it home to watch. When I got home and put the DVD on (my husband went in the other room) and I got so mesmerized by the film that the next day I had to go out and purchase my own copy which I knew I had to have in my vast DVD Collection.

I then told my friend that I absolutely had to have the rest of the books, which to my surprise she said she was going to purchase for me in a few weeks time. I watched the film several times in the next few weeks in anticipation of receiving the rest of the "saga". I planned on not being as intricately involved in the rest of the books as I was the first, however that turned out to be impossible! This is now my total obsession taking over my spare time away from the Real World!

I am eagerly anticipating New Moon being released into theaters 11/20/09

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