Just like the past 3 years, this mothers day was perfect, Sam spoils me the whole weekend, not that it's only time when he does but he says it's more special than any other occasion because he also celebrates our wonderful family, and he is right my family is wonderful and perfect.

This weekend started Saturday morning when he did not allow me to get up and make them breakfast he said he would do it, I got up with him though but he did not allow me to help not even with Shay, he took care of everything from breakfast to cleaning the kitchen when we were done, after he took me into the living room and sat me down on the couch saying to me he would take care of everything this weekend and just as he was saying that Shay tipped her cup and spilled her juice on the carpet, I still asked him if he was sure of it mostly because Shay has been a menace for the past few weeks, but he still said yes and quickly got up to pick up Shay and brought her to me then he darted to get the cleaning materials , he of course got the wrong ones, so from the couch I told him what to do, after he got it cleaned he came to sit with us  and asked me what was next to clean and since I know he does not like to clean the bathrooms I told him the only thing I did not finish was cleaning the upstairs bathroom, he wrinkled his nose an I watched him holding in my laughter, after a few more seconds I laughed telling him I was just teasing him and he started to tickle me holding me in place while Shay laughed and giggled in Sam's lap, when he stopped he lean down to kiss me saying "you're funny love", he turned to look at a laughing Shay  and by the look in her little face I knew how happy she was to have us both home, suddenly she leaped down from Sam's lap and darted to the movies shelf, she picked up a bunch and set them on the coffee table as Sam and I looked at each other, she took one and and came to show us which one she selected although we already knew, she smiled as Sam took the movie from her standing up to put it on.

Later that day Sam made sandwiches packed the car and we went to the beach, it was really a beautiful day, Shay loves the beach so she was really happy when we arrived, again Sam did not let me do anything  that he would take care of Shay alone and just asked me to relax, so I did as I watched them start to  make a sand castle ,I joined them, later we took a swim, Shay and I buried Sam in the sand, we had lunch, played ball a little and watched the sunset together, Shay was so tired she fell asleep on the way home, but woke up we stopped the car which was a good thing since she was covered in sand from head to toe, we all were so we took a shower and as soon as we put her to bed she was asleep again, we left her room and Sam carried me to our bedroom saying that now it was mommy and daddy time, I smiled at him and thanked him for the perfect day, he kissed me and said it was not over yet, we arrived to our bedroom closing the door behind us as we settled in for a romantic evening.

The next day on Mothers day, they woke me up with breakfast in bed, a huge bouquet of roses and a gift that left me breathless, it was a beautiful bracelet I absolutely loved it, I thanked them as Sam put it on my wrist kissing lightly, the three of us got comfortable to have breakfast , it was delicious my husband can really cook now. After finishing breakfast Sam said we should get ready, that he had a surprise for me, he got up taking everything and also Shay with him to get her dressed and I got up to get ready, not knowing where we were going I called down asking him so I knew what to wear but his answer did no help me much, as he just said "be more beautiful" I rolled my eyes calling back, "thank you love but that does not help me", I heard him laughing  as I moved to the closet to find something to wear, since it was a nice say out I picked a skirt a nice top and a cardigan, I finished getting ready coming out of the bathroom as I hear Sam say they are ready, smiling as I see them and blushing as he says how pretty I look and moves to give me a light kiss taking my hand as we head out, all the time I keep wondering were we are going, so I just get in the car watching the landscape pass us by, surprised as I see the exit sign for Seattle and he takes it, smiling when we arrive at Seattle port and he points to the marina to a series of cruise boats, saying we are taking a ride and having lunch here, we had the most amazing day, filled with fun and most of all the love of my family, I am truly blessed for having such a wonderful amazing husband and the most beautiful,gorgeous and loving daughter god could have given me.

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