Carlisle Cullen and Vladimir Romania ambush a secret meeting between Jasper Hale, Jane Volturi, Esme Cullen, Alec Volturi, Stefan Romania and Felix Volturi

*Carlisle and Vladimir are hiding in a tree observing the group planning to overthrow the Volturi leaders and destroy those who oppose their rule*

Jasper glanced around, still fearing that someone could be listening. “So, we are in agreement?”
“If it must be that way Jasper then yes,” Esme sighed in reply “I really wish that we didn’t have to kill Carlisle and the others though”
Stefan’s head snapped up “We are all making necessary sacrifices woman, stop feeling so sorry for yourself,” He sighed. “Vladimir has been more than a brother to me for 3000 years…….I will not be the one to kill him.”
“I’ll do it,” said Jane with a grin “at least I still get to kill one of you.”
“Fine but I get Edward.” Alec smirked.

Nearby, in the tree Carlisle stared at Vladimir in shock “How can they do this to us, it can’t be possible, it…..” his whisper trailed off into the silence.
“We must get them before they get us Carlisle my old friend, it is the only way we shall survive.” Vladimir whispered back looking equally as appalled.
“We can’t Vladimir, they are family!” Carlisle hissed, glaring furiously at his companion.
“We must Cullen, otherwise the rest of your family will be destroyed, would you let them die just to save your wife and one son!?”
“I cannot fight them Vladimir.”
“Then you will leave me to die alone? Do I mean that little to you? With your help we could be rid of the witch twins and Felix and perhaps restrain Stefan and your family members and try to bring them back to their senses.”
“You will leave Esme and Jasper unharmed?”
“As far as is possible Carlisle, once we are rid of the Italians you must go to Esme, she will listen to you I am sure, Stefan will return to me and I shall have to hold Jasper as long as I can.”
“Alright, but how do you intend to destroy the Volturi guards without getting harmed?”
“I have a little trick up my sleeve.” Vladimir muttered.

Out of nowhere came three burning spikes which hurtled through the air and lodged themselves between the shoulder blades of the three Volturis and burst into flame incinerating them at once. Stefan backed away with Esme but Jasper stepped forward yelling “Come out Vladimir you scumbag!”
“No Jasper!” gasped Esme. “He’ll kill you!”
“I don’t care mother, I’m a Vegetarian and I ain’t fucking scared of him!!”
Vladimir stepped out from behind the trees and Carlisle rushed into Esme’s embrace. “Stefan, I treat you as brother for over 3000 years and you betray me?”
“I did not wish to Vladimir my old friend but the boy threatened to destroy both of us. I swear to you brother my plan was to warn you as soon as possible and help you fight when the time came.” Stefan replied, keeping his eyes on Jasper advancing towards his fellow coven member.
“You clearly betrayed me before how am I to trust you now? How do I know that you will not plot my destruction with the Hale boy again?” Vladimir snapped angrily.

Without any warning, Jasper lunged for Vladimir and Stefan jumped forward to intercept him, rolling on top of him holding Jaspers neck to the ground and both of his hands under one foot. “I could have let him kill you then Vladimir, but I did not, does that not prove my loyalty?”
“Barely but it will do for now,” he turned away to Carlisle, raising his voice over Jaspers growling, “What do you want to do with the boy Carlisle? I cannot release him in this state, he will surely attack us….”
Carlisle turned away from Esme and walked over to the others. “Jasper? Will you harm them if I have them release you? If you do you will not be welcome in my home again, it is your decision.”
Jasper froze. Carlisle turned to Stefan. “Let him go please Stefan, he knows his options.”

Stefan jumped up and stood behind Vladimir who was waiting for Jaspers response with a strange metal object in one hand and a lighter in the other, tensed to defend himself and his now forgiven brother. Jasper stood up slowly. After a moments pause he turned and fled into the trees, disappearing out of sight in an instant. Esme walked to Carlisle and wept in tearless broken sobs “He is gone isn’t he?”
At that moment Vladimirs phone buzzed. He took it out of his pocket shoving the lighter and explosive burner in its place. Reading the text message he said to Esme “I think not.”
“Why?” Esme asked stepping closer to Vladimir looking at his phone.
“Alice wants to know, and I quote, ‘What the hell have you done to my husband?!’. It would appear he has gone home.”
“Oh thank god.” Esme gasped, returning to Carlisles arms.
“Well I think I will follow his example - I am also going home.” Vladimir said, replacing his phone in his pocket. “Coming Stefan?”
“Of course Vladimir, wait look what I found.” Stefan stepped forward and picked up a piece of black material bearing the Volturi crest. “A souvenir from the Italians….perhaps we can post it to their former masters?”
Vladimir grinned “Definitely, come on lets go.”

Carlisle grasped Vladimirs arm as he turned to leave, “Thank you.” was all he said. Vladimir nodded and both of the Romanians turned and took the first steps on their journey home, glimmering in the sunlight as they went.

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