Help Me Get My Music On The New Moon Sountrack =)

Hello Everyone!
You may not know me but my name is Candace Charee' I am a singer songwriter who has written 3 songs inspired by the Twilight Saga. I am trying to get my songs "Escape The Rain" or "Never Erase" into new moon. My 3rd song "The Smell Of Your Skin" would work for really any of the books but I think it would be perfect for Breaking Dawn when *SPOILER ALERT* Bella and Edward are about to consummate their love in the water lol I Need help getting the word out and get my myspace add up :) Below is a list of things you can do to can do 1 or all lol but even adding me on myspace or telling a few people is wondeful and much appreciated!

Here is a list of websites you can email or blog about me on. Let them know I have written music for the movies and am trying to get the attention of the twilight community. Give them my myspace link which is This will also help to get my plays up on my myspace page. That is important because if a record label is going to sign me I need between 5-10 thousand hits a day! So Ive got some serious work ahead of me lol So I will need my most loyal friends and fans to help me with this. Whoever helps me with this I will mail you a signed copy of my cd for free Thank for your support these past months! I love you all!
These sites are basically the top 13 sites right now. If you want to find the rest of the top sites here is the link
Also email anyone you know on myspace to add me, especially people who love twilight, but even people who aren’t into it. I want to widen my fan base as well.
Can you all please call these following radio stations and ask them to play my songs...This is what you can say
" Hello my name is (enter your name) I am a huge fan of the artist Candace Charee' who has written 3 songs for the Twilight Saga. I wanted to call in and request you play her music. To hear her songs visit and to contact her, email her manager at Cheryl Brown at or call 480-641-9700.
Here are the phone numbers for the radio stations
101.5 602-260-1015
104.7 602-260-1047
96.9 602- 260-0969
103.9 602-260-1039 also you can email this guy
99.9 602-260-0999
98.7 602-260-9870
91.5 480- 834-5627
so that is the list of some of hit radio stations here in phoenix. You can also call your local radio station. I would soooo appreciate all your help! :) Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and supported my career! I realize these are long distance numbers so if you have long distance on your cell phone it wont cost you anything to call =)
I love you all

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