I held his hand as we walked along the beach
He had the most dashing smile that you could ever see
I could feel my heart beat accelerating just being so close to him
I looked at the waves blushing his face was striking
He looked like a elegant picture
Waiting to be painted by a famous painter
Or just impeccable he had a little halo above his hair
Which always knew how to rest around his face in the flawless degree
Did I forget to mention he had his shirt off?
Because he looked truthfully scorching gorgeous
I looked up to his face slowly
As I met his gaze I could feel my cheeks burn
I closed my eyes and beamed

I/he could be anywhere right now
Yet he is here with me

I grabbed onto his hand not wanting to let go
I tugged him towards the water
He was a strong boy so it was quite hard to push him in
He also noticed I wasn't so strong so he let me push him
Another faultless quality about him
Such the gentleman
Even when I was just being childish Taiga
I smiled wide and I kisses his cheek once he surfaced
"Such the gentleman!" I giggled.
I jumped on his back smiling and kissed his cheek
"Out of the water! NOW SO CHOP CHOP!"
He chuckled and walked out the water
I swear the sun glistened on his chest
Because I could look at was him
Except way more attractive
We stood there for a moment
He tipped my chin up so I would look into his eyes
He gazed into my eyes
They were brown and sweet as a bag of Hershey kisses
He inclined his face slowly to mine
I could smell his aroma a lovely scent
I moved mines towards his slowly
I could feel butterflies go off in my stomach

His scent drove me crazy
His personality pulled
Me closer to him

The sunset dimmed and
I could feel the warmth of him
The perfect moment

SO I DRAFTED THIS UP IN MY HEAD IF YOU GOT ANY ADVICE HOLLA AT ME!Please feel free on the advice! OH YEAH TYPE "Taiga Rogers is EPICALLY AWEZOME!" If you want more like a part two! (I highly doubt it but its a try!)

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Comment by Krista Black on September 9, 2009 at 1:55pm
awww Tagia that is beautiful is that bout you know who oh and



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