Everywhere I look I see love. I see the way Carlisle looks at Esme. How strong the love they have for eachother is, and how strong the love for the kids are. And I just smile. And then I look at Edward and Bella, and think about what they have been through . They did it. A vampier and a human, there love survived. And that gives me hope. Then I see Emmett and Rosalie, and think about Rosalies past. But when I see how Rosalie look at Emmett I understand that the past is the past. Emmett make Rosalie happy, and Rosalie makes Emmett happy. Then I think about Jasper and Alice, and I think of Alice how she searched for Jasper. And how he just took her hand and went with her. Thats love and trust. Just by looking at them I can see the love they share. In the Cullen family is so much love, and lets not forget about the rest of Forks. Everywhere I look I see love.

They were all made for eachother and when I look at them all its just brings a smile to my face. But also sadness. Will I ever find anyone like that? That makes me complet. I guess thats my fear. Living my life alone. Nothing could make me more scared.

But they bring me hope, thinking that somewhere out there is someone for me. Like there was for Carlisle and Esme, Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice. They cant live without the other. A package deal. Your love inspires alot of people and give us hope. Thanks.

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