Edward - about his love to Bella and how it effects me..

I think it's very hard for me to look at - to hear.. the way he always talks so intense about her - so deeply - so much in love - so full of love and admire about her.. you can feel the intense love in his voice - she is his life now - nothing can make him walk away from her - he lives to protect her - her life to him is more value rebel then his own - you would think it would make me happy - that it would make me feel hope for the future - hope for my future - that it would make me hoping - believing that one day - someday - I will find true love - but it dosn't - it makes me so sad - it makes me hurt inside - it feels like a knife pinching trough my heart - taking my breath away - making me unable to breathe - it's like my heart stops beating - it makes the pain run in my veins - burning me up inside - it makes me fall to the ground - it makes me just laying there - hurting - unable to get up - unable to breathe - just waiting to die..

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Comment by Pia Hjorth Johansson on May 2, 2010 at 11:37am
Dear Anne - you are the sweetest.. But one of problems is what if he is there and I don't notice his - what if he is there but we never cross roads - what if this is all I get, for the rest of my life, what if I have had my chance to be happy and I spoiled it, what if in this life I'm paying for all the very very bad things I might have done in a my past life.. Anne what if I don't deserve to be happy.. Becouse that is really what it's all about.. I don't think I'm worthy of somebody elses love..
Comment by Anne Svendsen on May 2, 2010 at 11:20am
now i know you very well.and whats going on here is that you are missing a lovely guy in your life.
someone who just love you for who you are,and trust me he is out there somewhere.
just waiting to be found.
Pia you are a wonderfull person and you have so much to give.
so just wait and see someday the man of your deams shows up.


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