Carmen... (part two of 'A deadly deal I make')

I step out from my car and inhale deeply. I walk to the big house and push the door open. Gentle footsteps can be heard from upstairs. Carmen and Eleazar shows up on the top of the stair, Carmen gasp and close her mouth with her hands but from her eyes I could see she's shock and happy. "Hannah? Is that you? Is that really you or I just imaginating?" she ask, I smile and walk closer, "Do I look real for you?" I ask back, she nodded and hugs me tighly. "Oh Hannah! I'm so miss you... What are you doing here?" she asks while she still hugs me, "Urgh Carmen... I know you miss me but I can't breath Carmen..." I said. She let me go, "Ups..." she said. I grinned to her, "Visit you of course... What? You don't want me to?" I said. "NO! Of course I want to... It just, why you don't tell me?" she asks, "This is what it called as a surprise Carmen..." I said and then continue, "Hey Ele... Your hair a little bit messy... Ouch, don't tell me I distrub your moment..." I said and feeling guilty. "Oh not at all... Come let's sit..." he said and we sat in the living room. We spend lots time for talking, Tanya, Kate, and Garrett joins us...

I've got fun times with my second family but I have to prepare for one full week been drag by Ally for shopping. But, it all been paid y visiting my lovely Denali...

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Comment by Hannah Elizabeth Cullen on November 17, 2012 at 1:43am
Yes I am daddy... We all should go there sometimes... Carmen, Eleazar, Tanya, Kate, and Garrett asking when the other go there...
Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on November 16, 2012 at 7:20am

Denali is a beautiful place as are our friends of the Denali coven. It looks like you had  a nice visit


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