When i woke up today, i felt much better then i felt yesterday night. My boyfriend break up with me and didnt tell why.. I felt bad in all ways; i didnt eat or drink,my mom asked whats wrong with me,but i didnt tell her anythink. I wanted be alone..
But this morning was special and i dont know why. First,my mom made my favourite breakfast. Second,my best friend called me and told that i have A from biology test(i wasnt at school,coz i felt sick). So i felt much better,thanks to my family.
In the afternoon, i and my good friend Lucas went to the park and then hapend amazing thing! I saw him... His hair was dark, eyes light blue, he was and of course he is now, wonderful my angel.
Sad, i didnt know him."do u know him?" i asked Lucas."who?"."that guy over there,with dark hair"."aww,he.hm,its my friend Jake. I see u like him right?"Lucas smiled for me."who?me?no,im just asking"."i got his number,if u want.."."really?but im not interesting".i lie to Lucas and of course,to myself.sad,isnt?
But Lucas are my friend and he knows me. He sent me Jake's number,but i was to shy to call him..Oh,Lucas is the best friend ever!he gave to Jake my number too and Jake called me! We was talking all night,we like same things! I didnt want to sleep,but i had to..i slept only 3 hours,but i felt good.
Two days past and then we met again. This time we talk,we sit in the park,and when i have to leave him we kissed. It was the greatest night in my life,and i'll never forget that!
Now we're together,and i love him,and he loves me. We're so happy. I know it looks like fairytale,but its not. I hope ever you'll find love,that will look like mines.;))
see u soon

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