||so....this is me.||

My actual name is Lois, and its a long story of how i got to have the name Julia, but its to do with a mishap with a name badge....and well..it stuck basically.

I am 18 years old, I was born the 5th October 1990, my hometown is Yeovil, which is in the UK for all who dont know, but im currently residing in Weston Super Mare, a seaside town, as i moved to go to college, i live with my grandparents now, as the rest of my family live about 60 miles away in Yeovil. to anyone who is considering moving away from family, friends, and boyfriends, i suggest-dont- unless your really sure. sometimes the heartache is unbearable..

The person i miss most is my boyfriend, William Hopkinson, he is my best friend, and to only be able to see him once a month if im lucky is quite simply heartbreaking...but, i am so in love with him, and i know this sounds unbelievable coming from an 18 year old, but, love knows no age, and i am quite sure, without a shadow of a doubt i love him more than life itself. and anyone who says long distance relationships dont work was awfully wrong, i live 60 miles away from him, and we have been together for over 4 years... it works if your in love...

||anyway moving on...||

Untill recently i was studying a BTECH National Diploma In Beauty Therapy Sciences, This was a really offhand choice to make, as my calling is art, and i have quit after the first year, when september comes i will be taking a degree in Art&Design. I am very excited. :)

The reason i joined this site, is because when i first read the books, i was completely taken in by the character carlisle, because he sounded so much like my Will, every mannerism seemed to reflect something about him. and i loved the relationship between bella&edward, the chemistry was so inviting, and made you want to be a part of it, that i just couldnt stop reading...i think stephanie meyer is one of the only writers that can truely convey love in a way we can all relate to, and we all seem to strive for, a love that goes so deep, it knows no bounds...

||A wildly misunderstood, though highly desireable, malfunction of the heart.||

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