It has been almost exactly one year since I posted. For that I apologize. As stated in my message and my update, this year has been a roller coaster of a ride that is for sure. Husband did return to me and to his family. All were joyed to finally have him as safe as he can possible be here. Within three months we headed to the Bahamas. We had a great time exploring and experiencing something different. We then went to his mothers house to pick up our child as he was staying there while we were on the boat. Once we got home, we found out that I was expecting. Happy as we were, I still needed to make a trip to my parents to pick up the pets. Once back at home, I continued to try and process the fact that baby number two will be coming. Whirlwind of emotions did flood me. I hate being pregnant but love what comes after and would not change any of my situations relating to that for anything. I was stressed, stressed and stretched beyond belief. For the last year I have been in school. Luckily I finished and now have an Associates in the Arts degree in Criminal Justice, I finished that just a few months ago in October. Pregnancy was going well too at this point. We even found out we were having a boy. Then a few weeks ago, my blood pressure started to rise. Mind you this would not alarm mostly anyone with a healthy pregnancy. However, with my first son I had pregnancy induced hypertension. No pre eclampsia which is life threatening to myself and to baby. So...I insisted on checking it. My blood pressure was not alarmingly high, but high enough to through red flags up for me. The doctor finally decided to do labwork. One of them took 24 hours. The next day I took it in, and they tested it and found protein...protein is bad in this case. I was called not even two hours later, telling me that it was there and I needed to go to the hospital. I had to be induced. I had pre eclampsia. The only "cure" is to have the baby. So off I went, on December 9 2011 I was induced at 8p CST. Next day, took a bit, I pushed maybe six times and there he was the newest member of our family. Robert Thomas. Born at 2:13p CST 7lbs 9oz 20 inches long. 14" head OMG! Healthy , all ten fingers all ten toes. His tests were awesome. All checks done. Have had a few set backs since born but nothing we couldn't handle. Of course he had jaundice but...hey that was actually expected lol. I am thrilled though that I do not have to spend tomorrow (Christmas Day) in the hospital. He was actually due on the 27th. 

So as our year ends here and starts another. I now have my new baby boy and my Associates degree. As the new year starts I return to school for my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. As well as the possibility of moving. What a year this new year will be, and what else will it bring? 

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