A story of a vampire-werewolf hybrid.

My full name is Ella Aeriale Amethyst Alexus Aquamarine Catalaya Diamond Emerald Pearl Ruby Periodt Sapphire Opal Topaz Turquoise Garnet Black. I have a twin brother names Jacob Black. We were adopted by Rosalie and Emmett Cullen. Me and my brother are a rare hybrid, the first of our kind. We are a cross of a vampire and a werewolf. I am 17 years old, and m birthday is on October 15.
I've been married since I was 13(I know it's crazy). So far, me and my husband, Sam, have had 6 kids. Samantha, Sophie, Sam, Emerald, Alex, Korra. Samantha is the oldest, with Sophie and Sam are twins and second oldest. Emerald is next, then after her it's my next set of twins, Alex and Korra.
Korra has dyslexia, so she has a different way of learning. Im happy with my life right now. Sam is an architect and he has built us a house, big enough for all of us. I own a studio, where I teach singing, dance, art, and self defense. My real mother abused me when I was little, and she was later killed in a car accident. But I'm happy with Rosalie and Emmett. I know they love me.

Me and Sam have been together for 5 years, we already finished college. My oldest 3, samantha, Sophie and Sam have been homeschooled for a while, but this fall their going to a private school.
Sam(my husband) is a werewolf, and our kids and a hybrid like me. But Korra and Alex prefer to drink blood as babies. I love the Cullen's, and I always visit them, when I have the time.

That's all I'm going to write for now. I hope you were able understand this. :)

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