My name is Erika Medina but all my friends call me Kika and I like it better, well I was born July 14th  in TJ, Mexico but my heart is 50/50 in the US and Mexico since my ancestors on my paternal grandfathers side where real Red Skin Indians and besides I speak better English than Spanish *giggles* .

I´ve had a lot of ups and downs on my life, like most people of course mine involve family problems and the sad part is that most of it started when my grandfather died when I was a little girl but I remember him just the same because he was really important in my life just like I was of his I was his first granddaughter so if you can say I was the most spoiled baby in all the state ,everything I wanted is what I had *giggles* and I´m not kidding , well returning to the story everything was so great until he died my world crumpled because I could not cried and had to held my emotions from my grandmother so she would not cry because it made me feel more sad if I saw her crying so I did the best that I could to make her happy , growing up was not easy specially when my family lost a lot of money and just had to go with what they made from their jobs it was a difficult time but things got better in the end I mean we are not rich but we have what we need and I still get spoiled by my mom and dad and even from my little brother and my aunts, uncles  and cousins they are my life and I´m so damn glad to have them, because to be honest I would be nothing with out them,they have teached me the values I now have and to not look back just forward to get what I want out of my life.

I´m the kind of person that gives everything that is possible for me to give for any of my family or friends I love to make friends and I´m just in love with life it self it´s so wonderful to wake up everyday and see and smell the ocean , hear the birds sing ,see the trees gloom and  flowers blossom, talk to  my family and friends enjoy a good book, a good movie , listen to great music and just enjoy life as much as I can even if I have a job that I don´t like that much all the time and get bored sometimes and wish I could do more and have more challenges I love my life the only thing missing from it is someone that can love me the same way I would love him , the same way I have already loved and I only wish I could have gained courage enough to let him know this and that would have been a different story *laughs* but things happen for a reason right ? , so maybe the best will come soon enough who knows but for now I´ll wait as patiently as I can because even if ¨Patience is a Virtue¨I sometimes lack of it *smiles*

This is just a little of me so who ever reads it can know a little of my past and some of my present as well

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Comment by Paula Arvin on May 17, 2011 at 11:06am
She's the greatest, and so are you Liam! :) And yeah, my hubby's paycheck. :)
Comment by Kika Medina on May 17, 2011 at 10:15am
Thank you Liam and so are you *smiles*
Comment by Kika Medina on May 16, 2011 at 10:45am
*laughs* well it's good to know , yeah I'm like part of many others Spanish and french and who knows what else *giggles* , Your hubby's huh Mmm I have to get married *laughs* , I'm glad we are friends as well *smiles* talk to you soon .
Comment by Paula Arvin on May 16, 2011 at 10:30am
Hi Kika.. I knew there was somehing about you, that seemed sortta familiar. I was born in Arizona, so close to where you are/were/whatever.. Though I live in Pennsylvania now. I have native blood in me too. Cherokee, Oneida, Onedaga, Mohawk and Seneca to be exact. But that is only a small part of my blood. I am one of those Heinz 57's as they call us.. German, English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Danish, PA Dutch, a bit of French, and I know I am missing some. Hehe... I grew up much the same as you. Living paycheck to paycheck. And still am, with my hubby's now. I'm glad I have you as a friend..


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