Running, running as fast as I can to get back to the countryside to be back with my mother and sisters. Afraid that the ghost of my father will follow me, afraid that I would be caught… the words from Astaroth repeating in my ears… Power to stand against any man… even an army… stay out of the sun… don’t attract too much attention… the screams of the people I murdered and the limp body of my father on the floor in that room.

Reaching the country house, I search for my mother and sisters. I check every room, upstairs and down the garden, the cottage, but still no sign of the women.

It finally slips into my consciousness that this was my father’s sacrifice to that beast Astaroth. I slump down in the garden and release a mighty wail in mourning to the most beloved women in the world… in my world.

After grieving for my family, I return to the house. Vengeance a fleeting thought in my mind. I stop in front of my father's library, noticing the door is ajar.

Something in this room is calling out to me, I am not sure what it is but it is very important, I want to find it, I need to find it. I search high and low and finally spotting it on the floor just under the leg of the chair.

I reach down and pick it up. I as I stand up I realize that my mother's perfume is wafting through the room. I look at the delicate writing on the envelope and confirm what I already know. It is a letter from my mother. I turn it over and see my name written, so simple and so elegant just eight letters. I open it up and read:

My darling Alistair,

I believe your father has lost all sense and I am writing to you in hopes that you return soon and find this. Your father took you away without telling us. I have no idea what he plans but we pray for your safe return. Your sisters are frightened believing that they will be next and even though I am trying to be brave, I am frightened as well.

I asked Elizabeth to hide some important documents in a secret hiding place. She said that you will know where that is. I have asked Anne and Mary to do the same. Just so you know the house was a gift from my father to me on my wedding day to your father. It is yours now as is all the property surrounding it. Please stake your claim to this before your father can do anymore harm to you.

Always and with much love,

Elizabeth De Carnys

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Comment by Benjamin Naifeh Atiyeh on May 17, 2012 at 9:33pm
Time has a way of easing the pain my friend...


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