There have been many different things about me, ever since I was a kid. It didn’t just start when I first phased, the first different thing about me wasn’t the fact that I was the first girl wolf. I can only remember ever having one doll as a child...I cut all the Barbie’s hair off before pulling its head off and throwing it out my bedroom door for mom to pick up. While most girls played with Barbie dolls, doll houses and fake plastic make-up, I went fishing with my dad. When I got my special hiking boots for Christmas one year, I got to go hiking through the forest with dad. We’d take some sandwiches mom had made us and eat them while we sat on some fallen trees or rocks. Through all those activities one sticks out the most. It started when I was about four or five. We had been broken into one night while we were out and so, due to that, I had come to a solution as to how to keep the baddies – as I had called them – out and away from the house. I’d come up with the best idea ever. I dug holes around the house, so that when the baddies came at night they’d step in the holes and break their ankles. I’d only done about five before I got sick of it and went inside to wash up and have lunch. Later while I was watching mom cook we heard a yelp from outside. We went out to look who had made the noise. Dad was getting up, brushing the leaves and dirt from himself. He’d fallen into one of my holes. Dad had had a little growl at me for what he had called a ‘stupid idea’, but mom looked down at me with a smile as if she was laughing inside. Now that I think about it. Mom never got angry, even when she told Seth and me off for doing something wrong, she’d have a smile on her face. As if she was amused at our actions.

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Comment by Jackie (homesweet-forks) on January 5, 2010 at 2:28pm
Its a lovely story, especially since your dad didn't break an ankle, your mum has a great sense of humour.


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