An impact to all, but also the ~One~ Man that would bring together my community after a while. My town is known for its cliques and exclusion. I am not involved in one, I am actually friends with everyone in my class. Just about at least. We all know each other. Its nice, but when it gets cliquey, It's not fun.

Mr. Lobdell ~Always~ saw the cliques. He shook his head at them. He would and ~Was~ the ~One~ man to bring our community together.
By the way, when I said cliques, *lets a air giggle* I did NOT just mean the high school, or school in general. I meant all of us. Adults on through elementary. My parents are in one. I babysit a girl that's in one. In my town it's NOT uncommon.
But this ONE man, Mr. Blake Aaron Lobdell brought us all together. We cried and grieved together. We are healing together.
The funeral took up a FULL church. The actual place with the pus, the fellowship hall which is just as big, the balcony, and the place that they serve goodies after Sunday church.
HE brought a WHOLE community together, and I think we all realized so much. Yes, there is still cliques of course, but right now, they aren't anything they were. Everyone is supporting each other like we should. We are trying to heal each other.
All from this one man.
We are a community together. Once again.

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Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on October 5, 2011 at 6:09pm
I hate how it took the passing of one of the best men in our community. It still is killing our school. I miss his bizarre stories that would turn into morals. He was so wise. He hated the cliques, and so do I. I hope and pray that God will keep them away because our community has been so much more fun and social. My friends always point out how some of my other friends aren't acting the same towards them. Many friends from different backgrounds can cause clashes, but now I get to be with all my friends at once.
This passing was definitely a horrid one, and he will forever be missed.
*smiles softly* Thank you, Carlisle. I don't get that.. I love being out in my community, so it's easy for me to pin point the cliques.
*beams brightly* Always will. And with you near, I will grow and grow so much more. I would LOVE to have you watch me grow in my experiences.
Hockey Princess
Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on October 3, 2011 at 4:28am

It's sad isn't it, that it takes the passing of a loved one to sometimes rattle things enough to make change? I hope that this change is not temporary and will remain permanent. It's important for people to band together, drop the cliques and embrace all.
You see things clearly at such a young age and yet others live to be 100 and just never 'get it'

I'm proud of you, Erin. You are already a one in a billion. Keep your head high & your chin up. You will reach any goal you aim for.




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