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tired tired and more tired

so as i'm in the home stretch of my senior year as in i'm graduating in less than a month and its finals i took a moment last night at 5am when i went to sleep to take note that my sleep clock is completely and totally messed up and i can't actually fall asleep before 5 am. this is a problem as i'm actually trying to do well on my exams lol. oh well soon it'll all be done and i'll get to sleep for a long time and then get a job and be a grown up!

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I Love My Chinchilla but for real...Stop running away from me

So I have a pet chinchilla! for those of you that don't know what it is its like a squirrel and gerbil had a baby and sprinkled a hint a of rabbit in for good measure. The have super soft fur, alot of celebrities makes coats out of them which is a fail because they're little but that's beside the point. I have a pet chinchilla that i'm holding on to for my buddy. and she adorable but she has the tendency to escape and hide herself in place in my room that i can not find. for example today she… Continue

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papers papers and more papers

so i'm in the midst of finishing up a couple of papers that lets be real i should've started on several weeks ago but i didn't. i'm done with one thank heavens and am now working on a research paper that i think might be the death of me. I'm a wee bit nervous but my topic is at least interesting and i learned alot in class so hopefully i'll be able to bust it out and maybe even get like an hr of sleep tonight. wish me luck

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