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I can’t understand why you did this.
Why you left me.
Why you left my mom.
You said you loved us.
I would like to understand but I can’t.
You’ll try to tell me why you did this.
You told me you had to get out.
You’ll try to explain this.
You try to make things clear.
I still won’t understand this.
I don’t understand why you did all this.
Stop trying to make me understand.
I wont I don’t think I can.

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I say I love you.

You say you love me.

Can I trust you?

Can I believe you?

Your past tells me that I can’t, that I shouldn’t.

I don’t want to be hurt again.

I thought you were coming back.

That changed.

Then she left you, now you still are coming back.

You are only there when you need me to do something for you.

You tell me we will move at my speed.

You hurry me.

I love you.

But do you really love me?

The… Continue

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How can people steal
How can people lie
How can people murder
How can people kill themselves
How can people cheat on loved ones
How can people do drugs knowing it is bad
How can people say they love people even when they don’t
How can you say you’re a good person when you mercilessly kill our souls
How can people abuse animals and other humans without thinking about it

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You Say

You say

You say you’ll stay
You leave
You say you’ll stop
You continue
You say you’ll try to make things better
You make them worse
You say you love
You don’t show it
You think you know me
You don’t
You say you’ll be there for me
You aren’t
You say you will do all these things
You don’t
~Kayla Shafer

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We Want

We Want

We want the wars to stop
But we play war games
We want peace
But we still fight
We want love
But we still hate
We want everyone to feel wanted
But we still look at people funny
We want understanding
But we still misunderstand other people
We Want

~Kayla Shafer

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