John: *Staying in the room with #Shay while they check her over. I keep holding her wolf and playing with her to keep her mind of her mother*

Carlisle: *walks in with the Ambulance team and has them get Emily into a room for triage*

John: *Shay keeps crying and wanting her mother. I hear Sam outside and go out to tell him what happened and that he can come in and see Shay right away. I explain that Dr. Cullen is taking care of Emily as I lead Sam in to Shay*

John: *The minute Shay see's Sam she calms down a bit. He takes her in his arms and I stay off to the side, not wanting to intrude*

Carlisle: *gets Emily's exam underway, orders a CT scan and a few other tests carefully tending to the lesions and contusions she sustained in the accident*

John: *I step outside to radio Charlie and make sure he has it all under control at the scene*

John: *Stepping back inside with Sam and Shay, I assure them that Dr Cullen will be over soon and let them know what is happening with Emily*

Carlisle: John? *calls out* I need to check out the baby, I know she seems fine, but after an accident, I need to just make sure, ok?

John: Come on in, Dr Cullen. *I open the door*

Carlisle: *walks in with a smile* How's she doing? *keeps my hands in my pockets as to not scare Shay*

John: *Smiling as Sam tells Carlisle that Shay has been such a good little patient, I add* She doesn't have an apparent injuries. I checked her at the scene. Mostly she was just upset over her mommy, right little one?

Carlisle: Still need to be sure. Just lay her down here *takes out my penlight and hands it to Shay* Play with this *gently examines her for internal bleeding and injuries* I'd like to keep her over night for observation *explains to Sam and John* It's routine and it's important. Especially after a traumatic experience

John: *Nods and reassures Sam as I see the concern on his face* Better to be safe

Carlisle: *Turns to speak with Sam* You may want to call someone to bring her an over night bag, some toys and familiar things from home to help comfort her, *Returns to see that Emily's tests have begun and walks out to the nursing station to write up some orders and get her admitted*

Carlisle: *sends Emily up for the CT and returns to Shay's room to thank John Parker for his quick attention with this whole incident*

John: *Talks to Carlisle while Sam makes some phone calls. *

Carlisle: I appreciate what you did here today, John. Your quick response made all the difference

John: Charlie took care of Emily *I say* Little Shay was easy, just really upset

Carlisle: I'm glad you were there *nods and extends my hand to shake yours*

John: *Shakes your hand* Thanks, I really hope Emily is ok. Sam is pretty upset

Carlisle: We won't know anything until we get the scan results back

John: Think I'll just hang out here till then *I say* Help out if I can

Carlisle: Alright, I'll keep you updated as the night unfolds

John: *Nods* Thanks. I'll stay close to Sam and Shay

Carlisle: Thanks *peels off my gloves, tosses them in the bin and washes my hands*

Carlisle: *slips out the door and back to the nursing station to gather the rest of my charts ,leans on the desk, worry creasing my forehead*

John: *Sits and plays with Shay, trying to keep Sam calm*

Sam: *Waiting impatiently, trying to keep myself together for Shay. A million things going through my mind all at once*

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