I just Finnish unpacking from our camping trip at World's End State Park, it was really fun, except for Knowing that there was a bear running around near our site, and having to watch out for rattle snakes, Friday at the camp ground was the very first time I have stepped foot into a creek since fifth grade, due to me cutting my big toe on a sharp rock and ended up getting stitches in my big toe, over memorial break, ever since then I have not even went into a creak till last Friday. We went to a look out and rock garden, and found a den for bears, and etc. it was a fun vacation all together.

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If you had a dream vacation what would it be? Where will you go?
What would you do? How would you spend your free time? What would you buy to bring home so you could remember your dream vacation?

This is part of a diplomacy game, deal with it: sure it's part of the game. It wasn't enjoyable though and very anticlimatic to a long game. In a 4 player game, there is no reason to continue if you have the disfavour of all the other players. You'd have to get 3 points ahead in this game to be able to win. That's a lot of points in this game, were people invested a whole day to play it (that's calculating for casual players).
@don't play with support of the throne as it encourages kingmaking: i will suggest that to my playing group. As far as i know them, they will welcome the suggestion. We mostly have the philosophy of playing by the book for the first few times, as we want to know what the games have the offer on their own (especially one that has been through many editions).
@people who posted their expiriences: really cool, thanks!

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