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Ok let me get this straight....this is a "role-playing" site which means that everyone on this site is playing a role based on the Stephenie Meyer novels?  That being the case...I'm not quite sure then what is my role and what family or coven do I belong to? I mean I need a little orientation here as non of this was explained before I read the rules and code of conduct.  Please enlighten me..

I am interested in joining the family with a non-canon character and I followed the link to the interview questions but I just wanted some clarification that that is the right form to submit a character for review. I would appreciate it if someone could please advise me on this matter.

Thank you.

Does anyone know how long it will take for HR to approve a character?


I sent you a personal message


I am interested in applying for a role

Hi, i am new to this site, and im wondering how i can get started roleplaying? and where does the roleplay take place? (like in the forums or on a chat?)

How do I cancel my account on this site?

We were playing TI4 twice already and a Player won both times because the other players just gave them a free victory point at the end with one of the cards you can trade for agreements. I found that very dissatisfying, as it has nothing to do with good tactics or Diplomacy, but has more to do with likeability of the players. What are your expiriences?

how i can get started roleplaying? and where does the roleplay take place? (like in the forums or on a chat?)





i would like to apply for a role !

shareit apk vidmate apk pc



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