Have you ever....

Ask the question...
Have you ever?

The next person would say whether they have or they have not...

Then they will ask Have you ever? and so on..

I'll begin -

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Not in my backyard, but at my oldest brothers house! *laughs* Almost got hit by one, too. 


Have you ever stayed inside all day and had a "movie marathon?"

yes  I just couldent seen to get out of bed it seemed to have swallowed me up lol



 Have you ever overcame a fear  you never thought you could before?


I have never been anywhere but here. Have you ever had your feelings hurt by someone that were close to and you trusted them? Then you ended up forviging them anyway?

Yes, to the first question. My ex best friend all of a sudden decided we should not be friends anymore. She said hurtful things. And no to the second one. I do not forgive easily at all. I still do not forgive her, though I have moved on. 


Have you ever been close to death?

Yes I have once when I was ten. I had penmuioua so bad my parents had to rush my off to the hospitial. I thought that I was going to die. Luckily, I was very lucky. I guess my time had not come yet.
Have you ever done something in your past that you would try so hard to forget?

Yes this picture of this animal Koala or whatever on my iPod. It looked cute before i put it on, now it creeps me out and i try to avoid looking at it.


Have you ever had Calimari to eat?

Yes, but I didn't like it very much.


Have you ever proposed to somebody, only to be rejected?

No I haven't, not old enough.


Have you ever stayed up all night and then slept throughout the entire next day?

Yes On more then one occasion. I'm a night owl. But there are times, that I am so exhausted that I just sleeep a lot.

Have you ever been to a Historical Reinactment of any kind? Cival War, Revolutionary, RenFaire, etc.

Yes was pretty funny because I was riding my horse and she really wouldn't stand still so everyone had to get out of my way lol

Have you ever had such a deep love for someone you cannot have that everytime you look at their picture (or them) your heart aches??

Yes I have actually and after almost 2 years it still hurts.


Have you ever seen a movie or read a book and have a dream that what happen in the movie or the book you are reading it's actually happening to you?



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