Have you ever....

Ask the question...
Have you ever?

The next person would say whether they have or they have not...

Then they will ask Have you ever? and so on..

I'll begin -

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Yes I have tried to pass Math many times in college,but I decided that I would end going to school after 6 years. Have you ever had anyone tell you that you are an inspiration to them that you feel all warm inside?

Yes, once after I helped our school get to the reigonal netball championships two years in sucession.

Have you ever wished you could have special powers?
Yes. Cytokinesis like Alice has in the resident evil series
Yes, wish I could fly (When I was little)

Have you ever, lied to somebody when you told them you loved them?

Have you ever eaten an entire large pizza in less than 10 minutes?

No, I only eat two or three pieces.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you ever told someone you loved them and they didn't love you back?

I've had a dream like that but it was never recurring. 

Have you ever gone to the back page of a book to read that before reading the rest of it? 

Yes I have, tons of times.


Have you ever watched a movie and read the book that the movie is based on while you are watching the movie?

uh no because if i read while watching the movie then i wouldnt be able to tell the difference


have you ever watched a scary movie while eating popcorn then when a scary part come on you jumped and spilled popcorn all over the place


well what is your question you I'll begin then you dont ask anything

Yes I have 

Have you ever logged on to a website and been the only one online.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to be hungry?



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