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This is a piece of fanfiction that I wrote as part of a big bang project (challenge to write a story of at last 15,000 words within a set time frame).  

It's an original piece of fiction, post breaking dawn and features Kaure, the maid from the island that Bella and Edward encountered.  


When Carlisle and Esme return from Isle Esme, they tell their family of a confrontation they had with Kaure, who has been their cleaner on the island for many years.
Kaure was deeply affected by how Bella appeared when she last saw her and was convinced that she was now dead.
Kaure had made it clear that she knew just what the Cullens were and how angry she was with them.
Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jacob travel out to Isle Esme to prove to Kaure that Bella is okay and hopefully get her to keep their secret.
Whilst there, they find out that Kaure and her tribe have big secrets of their own....


 Vampire and Werewolves aren't the only ones with secrets.

I uploaded it to as M, due to some violence and a mild reference to sex, but this may just be me being ultra careful.

You can read it at by going to this link:-


Read it at on this link:-

I welcome feedback and constructive criticism.  I hope you enjoy.
Loved it !!!
so a little girl walked a street and saw aro what would happen????? Make up the ending mine is probaly so a little girl walkesd across a street and saw aro and got killed :( crying myself another is the same a little girl walks across a street and saw carlisle what would happend make up the ending mine is a little girl walked across a street and saw carlisle and carlisle said hello how are you the little girl said good how about you he said good then walked away see the differents they are more a little girl walked across a street and saw edward he said hello and walked away thats mine make up your own ending now a little girl walked across a street and saw jane and jane said pain now make up your own ending the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like it
Love it! :)



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