I have a son.

Embry Michael Call. He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 22 inches long. He arrived at 3:36 a.m. on March 25th after 12 hours of labor. Hard labor.


It started in the morning of the 24th, little twinges and a shifted feeling. I didn't think much about it and went about my day, getting groceries, cleaning the house. I met with Sarah for a late lunch and I am glad I did. My water broke as we were finishing up. She was very calm, and a little excited as she called Billy and had him meet us at the clinic so he could pick up Jacob, just three months old at the time. He waited in the waiting room the whole time, worried about Sarah, and, I guess me a little. I am sure he could hear my screams. How he managed to stay there and not take off is something I will never understand.


I was scared. Frightened. Terrified. It hurt, a lot. Sarah talked to me the whole time and tried to keep me calm as she and the doctor watched and waited for Embry to make is entrance. I know I dozed a little, and Sarah brought me ice chips and helped keep me as comfortable as possible. Back labor is a horrid thing, and no epidural in the world can help.


They watched my blood pressure, as I had issues with that going into this, and there were a few times they thought about doing a c-section to avoid stress on the baby. However everything was progressing well so they just waited and watched the fetal monitor for signs of distress.


The actual delivery is a little bit of a blur to me, I remember Sarah telling me to push, holding my hand, counting the pushes down. Suddenly, it was over. He had arrived. Sarah laid him on my belly and helped the doctor for a bit, then took him to weigh and clean him up. She helped me to get him to latch and feed. She disappeared for a bit and soon returned with Jacob and Billy. I proudly introduced Embry to his Chief.


They let me rest for a few hours at the clinic, then came back and took me home. Sarah and Jacob stayed and just left a short time ago, helping me through the first day. Sue will be coming by later, but I wanted to get this done before the memories fade.


I am a mother, to the most beautiful little boy imaginable. My heart is so overwhelmed with love, I cannot imagine how, less than 48 hours ago, this feeling was not here. How did I live without this amazing feeling of love and fierce protection? I can’t wait to see him grow, and I am scared at the same time, afraid that I will screw up. I promise to do my best for you, Embry Michael. Forgive me if I make mistakes.


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