I can’t remember the last time I took Mother’s Day off from the hospital. With Embry pretty much grown enough to take care of himself by the time I started there, and my own mother gone, I chose to work and give other mother’s with younger children at home the day to celebrate. Not that Embry and I didn’t celebrate; we just did it the day before or the day after. Honestly, for me, any day with Embry was a celebration of being a mother.


He found ways to surprise me and make my days special, from tucking notes into my purse or pockets, to having something delivered to the store, hospital or clinic, like lunch or flowers, or a card. He’d find a way to get things for me. He still does. The best gift of all though is always getting to see him. He is always my baby boy and I will always mother him.


This year, when the scheduling for the holidays was done back in January, I again volunteered to work, never imagining that I would find myself 5 months pregnant. I had a lot of my co-workers offer to take my shift so I could celebrate, but I had committed to it and I wasn’t about to spoil anyone else’s day.  There were treats waiting for me from some of the nurses and doctors, and I shared with those in hospital who had no one to share the day with. One of our nurses, a young man from the Philippines named Niko, followed me about and made sure I didn’t do too much. He said I reminded him of his sisters and mother and he was happy to spend the day with me.


I don’t know if I will offer to work next year, I somehow think Billy will want me to be home that day to celebrate with our child. I probably will, because as this new life grows within me, I find myself anxious for another chance. I think I did well with Embry, and I know Billy and Sarah did well with Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob. I think we have a good chance at success with this one too.

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