There is nothing as wonderful as spending time with loved ones. Friday, my dear Renesmee came to spend the afternoon with me, and we spent hours in my greenhouse looking at flowers, trying to help her decide which ones she liked for her wedding.  She wants wildflowers, since she and Jacob will be married in the meadow. They have yet to pick a date, so we are not sure if anything will be in bloom at the right time, but Grandma Esme will make sure she has exactly what she wants for her most special day.


It is so hard to believe that she is already…seven. My, I just realized to anyone outside of the family and pack, that sounds so strange.  But she is years, light years, beyond the concept of seven, or even seventeen, which is about how she appears to outsiders.  She is so smart and well rounded. She has learned to appreciate literature from Jasper, has a great fashion sense from Alice, Rosalie has taught her how to fix things, Emmett has given her a love of sport and sportsmanship, Carlisle has helped her advance in her medical studies and taught her the beauty of art and music. Everyone in the family has helped to shape her, to fill her bottomless well of interest and curiosity.


When she walks down the aisle, there will be no tears showing from the Cullens, since we are unable to cry. But in each heart will be a flood, of pride, of love, of joy and of honor. That we found ourselves blessed to have been given this gift, this beautiful child. Her gift, to be able to show us what she feels with the simple connection of her hand to ours, is the simplest and greatest gift of all. Words fail the rest of us. When we most need to explain how we feel, what we know, see, experience, our tongues cannot find the words. And, we try to understand each other. Our hearts feel the same emotions, and we reach deep to connect with others.


Our Renesmee, partially my names sake, will be the most beautiful bride this world has seen. She has no need of adornment to make her so. Her inner beauty radiates and envelopes everyone who sees her. She will out bloom every flower, outshine every light, out sing every bird that sings in the meadow on her wedding day.


As I said, words tend to fail those of us who try to use them.  Sometimes, they are inadequate, there are not enough to express what we want to say. And sometimes, we have too many. I fear I have crossed into the latter field. I realize as I look  over my words here I mean every word written here, yet the simple thing I want to convey is how proud I am to have Renesmee as my family, my grand-daughter. She does not have my blood in her veins, but she has my love.

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