To me, life has always been about finding ways to give back. If there is anything that I can do, with this special life I have to help out others, I am there to do it. Donating my time, money or whatever is asked is a great joy to me. To have Carlisle in agreement with me on this point makes it even more of a blessing. We often look for ways and places that need a helping hand. In our time we have donated books and supplies to many schools around the globe, helped to set up water purification systems in poor areas, built houses with Habitat for Humanity, aided the reconstruction of areas devastated by natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and mudslides.


As rewarding as it is to help large groups and complete strangers, my favorite time to help and gift is when it is someone I know. It doesn’t have to be a bi thing, maybe the gift of a book someone has been wanting, or music. Maybe just time to talk and share. My flowers are a special extension of myself, and I enjoy hearing Carlisle tell me how one of his patients reacted when he carries them in to brighten their room.


I have been given an opportunity to give a gift to a very special couple. Jacob’s father, Billy, and his wife Tiffany are expecting a baby in September. Tiffany contacted me about redoing a room as a home office for Billy as a surprise. I had thought she was calling to ask about a room for the baby, and I mentioned it to her. She wanted to do a room for the baby as well, but was worried about the cost. I know how much she works to keep up with bills, and that even doing one room was going to be a challenge. She asked about making payments on account for the work.


As I worked on the design and materials for the renovations, I realized how much it would cost, even in keeping to the minimum. I asked Carlisle what he thought about us gifting it all to them. They have taken care of Renesmee, and Jacob has become a part of our family. We have come to think of the people of La Push as an extension of our family as a matter of fact. We all have, in our own way worked together to help keep our small corner of the world safe and protected, even though we bicker and fight amongst ourselves.


I have liked Billy since I met him. He has a warm, open heart, once you get past the façade. There is constant merriment in his eyes, mischief awaiting an outlet. Carlisle knew Tiffany from the hospital, and once she knew our secret, nothing changed for her. There was a little trepidation at first, but it didn’t take her long to realize nothing had changed about us, only that she knew our secret. When they finally admitted to themselves what everyone else saw, we were thrilled for them.


To be able to renovate these two rooms for them, to give them a comfortable place to raise their blessing, is a gift I cannot wait to give. I am hopeful that my family will come help me, so we can get it all done in one day. Since Billy knows nothing about it, we want to accomplish the full job quickly. I also want them to experience the gift of giving to others, to help reward people who often go day by day, in their own quiet way, doing what is good and right without fanfare or expectation of acknowledgement. And to learn how to do that themselves.

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Comment by Renesmee Black-Cullen on June 14, 2014 at 1:51am
Grandma,your kindness to all around you s one of the things i most love about you. i am so looking forward to helping on this project. love you


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