The seasonal wind whipped against Lindsey’s skin
causing her to shudder
as she walked home from school
It was a bitter autumn evening
and she needed the warmth of the generational scarf
her mother had put in her bag
She slid the colorful scarf around her fingers
and admired the gift’s unique colors.
As she slowly walked down the cracked concrete
she gently wrapped the scarf around her neck with love
As she smiled in satisfaction the caring scarf warmed her neck and shoulder
and she touched the strings at the precious scarf’s bottom.
She dwelled on the scarf’s history
And wondered how could something so beautiful be her own
Lindsey gazed out up at the sky
Studying the endless depth it had as a warm breeze passed by
She slides her hands into her pockets
Walking slowly to her destination
Admiring the orange leaves on the ground
Slowly the terrain changes from concrete to nothing but grass
Passing by and leaving the city buildings behind
Entering an area of nothing but space
With grass that go all the way to the hip
And the smell of the earth hangs fresh in the air
She can already remember the memories of her homeland
The flower petals were soft as a babies bottom
And kissed by a summers breeze
Leaving a memorable fragrance within each cell of the flower
Forever would she remember this meadow
Thinking about her life back in her hometown
Back in the remote parts of Russia

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