This I believe
That we are destroying our planet
One by One
Each and every person
Let’s not forget the animals
But at least when animals primarily ruled the planet
They didn’t have the audacity to ruin our only home
Only because using fossil fuels and etc is easier
The truth hurts and most don’t want the truth
When really we need to look in the mirror
And decide to make better decisions to protect mother earth

This I believe
That by deforestation we are destroying not only homes
But the true beauty of our home
We are getting rid of the few scenes in which we share memories
And enjoy the simplicity we’ve once had
When we destroy each and everyone one of those trees
Which is approximately 4 billion trees a year
I remember visiting this little forest reserve when I was little
My cousin and I would enjoy playing tag
Since we were only children
I’ve visited that same place recently only to find it destroyed
There’s litter everyone and the grass isn’t the same color anymore
It was an odd shade of yellow and brown
And the terrain looked as if mass destruction took a visit to it
Instead of it being a forest preserve
That it once was
It was only a wasteland ruined for a life time

If we truly cared about helping restore nature
And by we I mean everyone
Not just a few people here and there
Who sadly don’t have the connections to change anything
If we really cared and were motivated
As a country, continent and world
With a little bit of time we can help our earth
We need to learn
That not being energy efficient and fossil fuels
Are not the answer
Although the human race tends to learn slowly
We can’t afford to screw up
Because we only have one planet

We need to make a difference
In order to help keep nature intact
So that we can enjoy it when we’re not busy advancing
We need to make changes
Let’s not be known for the person who destroys I planet
We can change the world
And this I truly do believe

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