Well it's been a little while hasn't it, since I said I would let you know how I faired. Let me start by stating the obvious... I "physically" survived my night at the movies with Seth, though I'm still tempted to check under the bed or behind the door every now and again. Don't even get me started on high I've jumped if a breeze comes through the room and a door starts to swing shut or open in response. I know that all sounds crazy but when you are as frightened of scary movies, as I am. You would understand!

So I'm just going to put it out there... Paranormal Activity 4!!! Yes, that was my introduction into that seriously disturbed saga. It was not without a price that Seth has since paid a couple of times over, when he dragged me to that movie. Upon arrival home, he made me a tea, grabbed the chocolate and we sat through Pride & Prejudice, then when I thought I would be ok to go to bed. I quickly marched back downstairs, after only having made it halfway up and we watched Sabrina. *smiles* Oh did I make him suffer.

Of course... I've suffered since also. Leah found out about our movie night (how could she not) and promptly made it her mission (which she of course roped Seth into) to see that I watched the rest of the Paranormal Activity movies. I'm secure enough in myself, that I don't mind confessing. I have woken up on two occasions since, drenched in sweat, my heart beating out of my chest and on the second occasion... Seth hovering over me with both hands on my shoulders, calmly and gently assuring me that it was just a dream. I promptly dragged him downstairs and we sat through Lake House and Gladiator. (one of my favourite movies) I know, I know... So is Hocus Pocus but.... A) I specifically save Hocus Pocus for Liseli and I to watch at Halloween and B) Okay... There isn't really a "B" side here but it's just wrong. Does that make sense?

So here I am, still jumping every now and then when I think I've caught the movement of something, anything... but it always turns out to be absolutely nothing... Thank goodness! I've sworn to myself that I will get even with my beloved children, so if anyone has some ideas... *smiles* Don't keep them to yourself okay! *

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Comment by Sue Clearwater on February 28, 2013 at 5:45am

Aww bless you Lisa, I think you and I would probably like the same movies.

You're most welcome John and please do not hesitate to drag Leah along to the biggest tear jerking girls movie that comes along okay. *laughs & winks*

And Leah, you know I love you sweetheart, like you're my own *winks, poking out my tongue* You know I love that line from Two & 1/2 Men. I digress, my point is.... I know you too well to believe that. *chuckles*

Comment by Blair Mell on February 4, 2013 at 8:43am

I stayed up with my parents one night to watch Contagion A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak. I am still very scared of this show and dream about it


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