Okay, maybe I don’t run with them, but ever since Embry came out about being wolf, I have been a pack Momma. It was a blessing to finally know what had my sweet boy acting the way he had. But there were unexpected things he was hiding from me that once I knew, became routine.  While the original worries went away, new ones came up.


The first and biggest thing was his appetite! My goodness, I don’t know who was feeding him when I wasn’t, but once I knew, my grocery bill tripled. No matter how much I made, I know he could have eaten more. He was a bit of a fussy eater when he was little but now everything was fair game. He didn’t care if it was the same thing for days in a row. I didn’t have to worry about leftovers. We expanded the kitchen to the old porch for a freezer and extra refrigerator. I bought a week’s worth of groceries ever other day. I became an addict to the cooking shows, always looking for different things for him. I loved it. I loved to cook and create and see Embry, and his wolf brothers, eat and ewnjoy my efforts.


The clothing bill went up for a while, until he learned how to control when he shifted and knew to remove his clothes first. He went up in size, and once he topped out, we were able to reign that all in. I did a lot of repairs. I also didn’t have to worry about his health, he was stronger and better able to fight off anything.


There were some shifts in who took care of who. He started to take care of me more, filled in when I needed him without me having to ask. But I had the worries when he had patrol, the worries about the threat of vampires in the area, at least until I got to know the Cullens and their friends, how the threat was reworked once the link between Jacob and Renesmee entwined our destinies.


Now, my son is on his own and I am off in a new chapter of my life. I am still up to my eyeballs with the wolves, moreso now with Jacob and Paul as my sons as well as Embry. I love it all. I wouldn’t change it. 

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