Sweet William


You probably have no idea how very blessed I feel to have you in my life. At a time when I felt like things were starting to fall apart, and that I would end up alone, you stepped up and carried me into your life and made it more full than I could ever have dreamed. Your children have become my own, you have taken my son in as yours, and I have grandchildren now to love and spoil as a Grandma should.


You picked a heck of a time to take me as your wife, as physically I am changing too. I am not a young woman, by no means old, but the time of change is upon me and there are some things I have to endure in that time that cannot be pleasant for you to deal with.  Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, the fatigue, the headaches and issues. But you, my strong warrior, you deal with it all. You take care of me and look after me when I am too exhausted to do anything.


The nights you take me and tuck me in, hold me, deal with an ice cold room when I am roasting, bring me tissue when I cry, give me space when I rage, have dinner ready when I get home, understand the hours I work, bring me an ice pack or heating pad, depending on the symptoms this change of life brings, and most of all, never get cross or tired of me. You are so good to me, and show me each day.


Our future is on the wing, we are preparing to grow old together and enjoy our children and grandchildren. Please, continue to be patient while this goes on, as I promise it will pass. I won’t always be this tired, worn out, weepy, sweaty creature.  I will work hard to be the wife you want, need and deserve. To live up to and be the woman you expected to marry.


Thank you for your love and the gift of being my husband.


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