It has been just over two weeks since Thanksgiving, and quite possibly one of the most wonderful days of my life.


I offered to work on Thanksgiving because we have been short staffed and the extra pay would come in helpful. To my surprise, Billy and all of the kids came to the hospital and set up a complete dinner in one of the family lounges. Rachel and Paul brought the turkey and potatoes, Renesmee and Jacob brought dressing and green bean casserole, Embry made yams and rolls. Billy set it all up and brought a store bought pumpkin pie, and managed not to sneak a piece. Before it got there. We had a wonderful meal and there was more than enough for the rest of the skeleton staff on that day to share.


As we sat afterwards with coffee and pie, the talk turned to Billy and my wedding. Rachel asked what plans I had made. I blushed and admitted that I hadn’t even thought about it. Renesmee couldn’t believe that and I explained that I had never thought I would get married, ever. I never regretted my choices in my life, to devote myself to raising Embry. No man had ever shown an interest in me, beyond the first hints of curiosity. Most shied off within the first advance. I’ll admit, I didn’t want them, my life was Embry and his care and well being. I never thought beyond raising him, figuring once he was grown, no man would care to give an old mom a second glance. And I was okay with that.


The quizzed and questioned me about what I would like for a wedding, insisting I had to have dreamed of a wedding at some point. I truly hadn’t, another by-product of my parents quashing any fanciful thoughts in my youth. Finally, Embry announced that he had the solution. We should just get married right then and there and be done with the issue. We all had a laugh, and I had to excuse myself to return to my shift and check my patients.  About 45 minutes after I went back to work, I was summoned to the main desk and sent back to the family lounge. I guessed that they were getting ready to go and wanted to say good-bye. As I walked in, I busted out laughing, seeing Charlie had arrived and he had Forks’ Justice of the Peace with him. However, when I saw the look on Billy’s face, I knew it was for real, and we were quickly made husband and wife.


Once it was over, I helped clean up and saw everyone off, knowing I would be home before long and Billy and I could celebrate our union in our own private, passionate and incredible way.

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Comment by Lindsey "Littlebit" Sullivan on December 17, 2013 at 8:07pm

I can't think of a better way to spend thanksgiving. At least Billy wont forget your anniversary!



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