Okay so I don’t really live with them, but they are a very real part of our world. I have to admit when Embry came out to me and told me that all of the legends were real, I had the usual mental reaction to the idea of vampires. I freaked out, thinking of all of the horrible stories I had heard over the years. Then, Embry pointed out to me that Dr. Cullen was one. But he was part of a special type, they called them vegetarian. They did not live on human blood.


That was an amazing concept to me. Throughout my life, I had always heard they were hideous, selfish, thoughtless beasts. They killed indiscriminately; they held humans in low esteem. But, Dr. Cullen, I knew him. He was one of the finest people I knew! He was full of compassion and care, he helped so many people in the ER, never once flinching at anything that came his way.


He was an expert diagnostician, and now I knew why. He had heightened senses that could pinpoint what an illness was with great accuracy. He didn’t have to do all of the tests, but, since he couldn’t give up his secret, he knew he had to order the proper ones to cover. I worked with him occasionally as I started out as a nurse at the hospital, and found him to be the absolute best.


I got to know him and his wife Esme more over time. Esme was so full of love and her compassion was second only to Dr. Cullen’s. Edward showed some of the same traits, as did most of their other children. The only ones I was reserved around were Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie had the selfish, upper class attitude. I don’t think it was borne from being turned, I think it is just how she was in her past life.


Jasper, on the other hand, he was still new to the vegetarian lifestyle, and he sometimes seemed to struggle more around humans and wolves. He did however have a calming effect, when he chose to. I knew he held sway over the emotions of others, and could project what he wanted them to feel.


When Charlie’s daughter Bella became one, I was curious to see how she would be. Fiercely protective of everyone she loved and their loved ones. She and Embry were friends through Jacob, and as such, her protection extended to Billy and then to me.


The most amazing one has to be our dear Renesmee though. She has grown up like a human girl, although at an accelerated rate. She has learned her grandfather Cullen’s compassion, and has her mother’s protective streak. It won’t be much longer, I am told, before the human in her will be gone and the vampire will remain. I have no fear of the change, as she has dealt with the vampire qualities in her since birth. I think she will be an excellent nurse, full of sharp senses, intelligence and a calming influence.


So, now, as I live in a world of vampires, I know that they are much like regular humans, each one is different, and their view on the world has been shaped differently. They cannot be painted with the same brush. When the friends of the Cullens come to visit from around the world, they know the treaty and the rules. If they cannot survive on just animal blood, they must leave the area. Most are just as fascinating and charming, bringing interesting stories from their exotic lives.


I look back and find myself amazed that these people are a part of my life, and that I have come to accept it as I would any other ethnicity, race or religion. It really is all they are, God’s creatures, with a different set of life experiences to draw on. What they choose to do with that, to learn from it, makes them who they are. Just like our wolves, they have something special about them, and they are all loved by someone.


And that makes us all the same.


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Comment by Tiffany Call-Black on February 2, 2014 at 1:44pm

Yes, Angelia. We do need to practice and exercise it. Sometimes it is easy to go to the stereotype and make assumptions. It is too bad when we do, because we could miss out on some wonderful people and experiences.

Comment by Angelia on February 2, 2014 at 10:25am

The Cullens are indeed a fine example of how we can be much more than what instinct and breeding tell us we are.  The ideals of right and wrong, choosing love or hate, and even wanting to live in society as normal as you can (whatever normal is) is a learned trait.  Jasper is the perfect example of that.  His history taught him one thing, he learned a completely different way of being because he Chose to live in society so he knew the way he was raised was not suitable for that environment.  Conscience, empathy, compassion are inbred traits--traits you have when your born.  But they like any muscle, need exercised to keep them strong and supple or they weaken.  I'm learning a few lessons this week myself. 

Comment by Tiffany Call-Black on February 2, 2014 at 7:26am

Thank you, Dr. Cullen. You and yours are also held in high esteem in our home. I feel we each can only do our part in our place. 

Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on January 28, 2014 at 5:56am

Your wisdom and compassion is greatly admired by myself and my family. You are a natural borne teacher and if everyone walked as you do, the world would be a much better and much different place.


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