Looking around, this seems like it would be the last place in the world anyone would want to be. Standing from the side of the road, hidden behind a cluster of trees I take in the sleepy town of Forks. It has been exactly five minutes and forty-two seconds since the last car went by. My visions, generally quiet from the hustle and bustle of imagery brought on by Chicago and Biloxi. Heck, I thought Biloxi was slow but you would think Biloxi was Times Square compared to Forks.


I close my eyes, taking a tour of this small town surrounding me. Soft visions of a family settling down to dinner appear. The Father having just come home from his job at the lumber mill, his wife bringing a ordinarily seasoned meat loaf from the oven to the table as the kids dig in and are quizzed about their day at school. A gust of wind wakes me from my vision as I open my eyes, looking to my watch.


Six minutes..well, six minutes and forty eight seconds. I think I am getting the gist of this.


You see, from what little I remember of my human life, all I remember is being limited. Limited by space and time. When I was born into my new immortal life, I set out to live a life without limitations. I wanted to run free, live free and be immersed in all the activity the senses could take. Loud jazz, bright neon lights, crowds of laughter, scents of decadence. Nothing was unseen or experienced. 

So you may ask, “What brought you to this generally deserted side of the road in the middle of nowhere?” Great question! It is this one pocket of Forks where a vision lives of home and family. Warm golden eyes and smiles that make you feel love in ways you hadn’t known existed.


I close my eyes, taking in a vision I am captivated by. The Father, getting home from a long shift at a hospital where he works not for the money or the glory but for the compassion he feels for others. His Wife, moving to his side like an angel that was sent to watch over this Family. Their children, looking to us..yes, us..Jasper and I with acceptance and support. They are my family.

Eight minutes and nine seconds.

That is what brings us here. This sleepy town on the edge of the world where daily life is quiet and goes on unnoticed from the rest of the world. We are here because they are here and wherever they are, that is where we belong. 

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Comment by Jennifer Wilson on February 28, 2018 at 2:16pm

I am so happy that your with Jasper.He's a great guy & you two make a cute couple.


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