Mothers are the very foundation of life as we know it. They create life, nurture life and progress life in everything they do and touch.

As a young girl, I have few memories of my human life and mother but what I do remember is a small but delicate moment in time where my mother would brush my long raven hair. Never lacking in tangles from the adventures I would get into in the dirty bayou woods, she would gently brush the tangles from my hair and restore it to a respectable state once more as she asked me to share tales of my adventures.

My time with my human Mother was cut short, even shorter were my memories however I will always feel a warmth from the love that she surrounded me with in the memories I did have.

As a newborn, there was no family. There was only survival. My memories were all but lost as I leaped forward into this new life, finding my way to my path.

Then I saw Esme. My vision of Esme was clear and bright. It was like there was an Angel that I knew with everything in me was going to watch over me and love me as her own.

I saw her listening to my stories, decorating our home together, a shoulder to cry on, a smile to laugh with. It was pure heaven.

Each day of my newborn life was devoted to getting one step closer to Jasper and once step closer to the Cullens.

Since then, all of those visions have come to fruition. Esme is the foundation of this family. She is the gardener that has taken on the role of keeping us nourished emotionally and physically. She has nurtured our growth and been our strength.

I still get wild hair, just as I did as a little girl. When I come home from a long day or adventure, she always asks me to sit with her and tell her my tales as she lifts her hand to my hair to smooth a stray hair back while she listens. I can’t help but smile with gratitude that I am so lucky to have had the love of Mothers.

A Mother's Love.

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