Picture this..you are standing on the edge of a cliff. Taking in the view around you in a breathtaking panorama. The dark clouds rolling in around you, shading in the forestry and cliffsides. The waves below you crashing violently in a warning to keep your distance.


You look out, knowing that danger is below you but safety will not stay with you up on the steep earth for long.


“Where is she?” I close my eyes, focusing as a blur of bright crimson red hair dances before my visions. Opening my eyes, zoning in on the direction that matches my vision I wait for the right timing with diligence.


I always knew that bringing Bella into our lives would be complicated at best but I also knew it would make life complete. Our kind were never meant to have close living relationships with humans for this very reason. Now here I am, standing here on the defense to Victoria who is not only committed to killing Bella but also our family in vengeance.


My visions show that we can stop her, that she is not prepared or ready to take any of us on but she will try. If we can throw her off guard by being ready for her, she will run away and will not return until she is better prepared with a coven of newborn vampires of her own. It will buy us time and time is what we need.


She thinks I can’t see her if she approaches through La Push. She is right, so we have worked out a careful plan with the help of the wolves to stay away from the cliffs in which she will attempt to enter.  This keeps my visions clear.


My visions flash to her once more, she is closer. The vibrancy of her red locks growing brighter. It is time.


I lift the warning whistle to my lips, blowing a shrill whistle to alert the wolves to descend towards her direction.


She is unknowing, expecting nothing and underestimating how working together with the wolves puts her at such an extreme disadvantage.


My visions of her start to fog, her vibrant crimson locks fading to a soft pink until they are nothing.


They are near her. I open my eyes, taking in the panoramic view. My present eye sight perfect while my vision sight is blind. Now, I can only rely on trust in the present.


Moments pass that feel like hours until a break in the silence offering a sigh of relief. A howl. A simple howl, communicating that all is well and she is gone. She is gone for now.


She will be back and when she comes back, she will have an army at her side. It will be a loyal, angry and unforgiving army of strong newborn vampires. We will need to train and work together as a community to defeat them but my visions show if we work hard and together, we have a chance at success.


We will stop at nothing to protect our family and those we love. 

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