In our immortal lives, much as in our human lives we are all blessed with certain talents. You have those , like my sister Kate and my brother Eleazar, who were blessed with certain…I suppose the word would be supernatural gifts as well as their natural talents and then you have those like Carmen, Garrett and myself who are blessed with our natural talents. Garrett can take a photo that will capture an image you had been looking at and never truly seen. Katrina writes songs that speak to your soul, as though the words were written only for you.  Carmen paints pictures that ensnare your mind and draw you into their world.


It is in one of these paintings that I found myself lost one day. I had gone into Carmen’s studio looking for her. I had wanted to go hunting and I hoped she would go with me. Her studio was empty, though her scent lingered. She had been there perhaps a few hours before.


“She and Eleazar must have gone out.” I thought to myself. I turned to leave the room. That is when my eyes fell on one of Carmen’s latest creation. The canvas was still on the easel, the damp paint still shimmering softly in the light.


As I stared the canvas I could imagine with ease the sort of day Carmen had attempted to capture and had done so perfect. The leaves turning for autumn. The privacy of the bench hidden from view, the path rarely walked. An air of mystery and perhaps of romance. I could easily imagine two lovers meeting in this place.


Leaves of red and yellow

Turning in sweet, silent solitude

As winter creeps ever nearer

Autumn’s final colors viewed


The words had come to my mind without my permission. After a moment of staring in confusion at the canvas, a bright smile spread across my face. The words, in my mind, suited the painting to perfection.


Turning from the painting, I blurred to Carmen’s desk, ignoring the pages that fluttered to the floor in the wind my approach caused. Taking a page from her notebook, I jotted down the words adding beneath the short poem.


It’s absolutely gorgeous sister. One of your best paintings yet!

Love Tanya xoxo.


Carefully I placed the note beside the canvas.


Giving the painting one final glance, I hurried from the room, the image of the painting still in my mind as I headed out the door to hunt.

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Comment by Carmen Denali on May 24, 2015 at 3:01am
As always, your beautiful words touch my heart dear sister... Thank you xx


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