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New York. New York.

It’s hardly a secret that I like the attention of men, whether mortal or immortal it doesn’t really matter to me. Though of course, immortal men are rare so majority of the time I find myself in the company of human males. I have always….liked…the mortal men I spend time with but it isn’t often that it was more than that and once it became a danger for me and my family I break ties and move on with ease and very little heartache on my part.


Unfortunately it was not so easy…


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One of Carmen's Best

In our immortal lives, much as in our human lives we are all blessed with certain talents. You have those , like my sister Kate and my brother Eleazar, who were blessed with certain…I suppose the word would be supernatural gifts as well as their natural talents and then you have those like Carmen, Garrett and myself who are blessed with our natural talents. Garrett can take a photo that will capture an image you had been looking at and never truly seen. Katrina…


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Taking my seat on the flight, I slipped my tablet from my carry on smiling at the screensaver – a photo of myself, Kate, Irina, Carmen and Eleazar taking on the day of Edward and Bella’s wedding. Switching it to flight mode, I snapped the cover close. I couldn’t wait to be home.


I glanced up as something nudged against my arm. A bag had fallen from the overhead luggage compartment and landed in the seat next to me.


“I’m sorry about that. Are you okay?” A man…


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