It’s hardly a secret that I like the attention of men, whether mortal or immortal it doesn’t really matter to me. Though of course, immortal men are rare so majority of the time I find myself in the company of human males. I have always….liked…the mortal men I spend time with but it isn’t often that it was more than that and once it became a danger for me and my family I break ties and move on with ease and very little heartache on my part.


Unfortunately it was not so easy where Stuart was concerned….


My feelings for him were stronger than I have ever felt for a human. I would not say he is my soul mate…my feelings do not run that deep but I do care for him and letting him go was kind of difficult for me. After nearly killing him on Valentine ’s Day though, I knew it was necessary and although I was upset for a few days, I recovered and moved on. I rejected his calls, ignored his texts and deleted his emails without reading them.


Then his letter arrived, sending my head into a whirlwind of confusion. I couldn’t avoid him any longer and the secretive calls began. In truth I was a little frightened to tell my sister….scared to tell them that I was putting our family in danger by continuing to see Stuart.


About two weeks later he invited me to New York. I thought over the prospect as I prepared the guest room for Renesmee visit. I had invited her to come visit us in Denali and she had accepted a few days before and had boarded her flight a few hours before.  Stuart’s invite was so tempting…. but I couldn’t go to New York now, not when I had Nessie visiting with us.


A idea springing into my mind, a huge smile spreading across my face as I plumped a pillow before tossing it onto the bed and darting out the door, grabbing my things as I headed for my car. Nessie had never seen New York. She would probably love to go! When I picked her up a few hours later and told her about my plans for us…well let’s say I’m thankful I can’t go deaf. She squealed excitedly and made me promise we would go shopping. As if my sisters would ever let me go to New York and not shop…and I really wouldn’t want to face Alice’s wrath if I took her niece to New York without showing her the best places to shop. *laughs*


When Nessie fell asleep a little while later I knew it was time to face my sisters. I found Carmen and Katie sitting in the snug room talking. With Stuarts’s letter in hand I softly explained the situation to them. Kate declined the offer to join us in New York, already having made plans to meet up with Garrett. Thankfully with Eleazar working on a contract, it only took the mention of Louis Vuittons to convince Carmen to join us.


Two days later we left for the Big Apple.

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Comment by Carmen Denali on May 24, 2015 at 3:12am
*smiles* And what a trip it was!


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