The first time I was able to help Carlisle celebrate his birthday was not long after we had been married. I hadn’t been with him and Edward for long, but I had observed and learned some of his habits. When the time came around to get him a gift, I knew exactly what to get him.


He would spend hours outdoors, walking or sitting, taking in the beauty of nature. I know he spent time thinking about his patients, thinking about what he had become, what he wanted yet to be. I also think that some of his thoughts centered on Edward and myself, how to help and care for us, protect us, give us a happy life. Many times, I found him sitting on a rock or a log, sometimes on the ground.


This was his 281st year on the earth, and my first chance to let him know how much I loved him, and the fact he seemed to wait all that time just for me. I went to a blacksmith and placed an order, exacting in the detail to be sure it was a worthy gift. They delivered it while he was on duty at the hospital, and I set it up in his favorite clearing.


This lovely garden bench has traveled with us to every home we have had, and even now sits just outside the door of my greenhouse, where he can sit and read, listed to his music or just think while I tend to the plants. It was my first gift to him and it is a part of our home and will continue to be one, no matter where we make it.


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Comment by Blair Mell on February 9, 2013 at 11:26am

Wow what a wonderful gift Esme I bet he was so delighted that you gave him such a wonderful birthday



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