Rosalie brought us Emmett, and he had her completely wrapped around his finger, although to most it looked to be the other way around. When she found him near death and he referred to her as his angel that was all it took to remove the honed edge she had lived on since Carlisle turned her. With Emmett at her side, she began to focus on new dreams, putting the old ones away, somewhere deep. Emmett seemed to bring a new life and vitality to the whole family, his curiosity, quick smile, and fun loving nature bringing us all to life in ways we hadn’t been. Edward and Emmett became brothers, wrestling, running, doing all of the things brothers do together. At least when Emmett could bear to tear himself from Rosalie’s side. They both discovered an endless well of desire and passion in each other and it was a sufficient distraction as Emmett went through his newborn phase. As for me, he called me Mom with an ease that felt as if he were truly my flesh. We did chores around the house and as I began to do more furniture restoration, he was always around to help move items with me. He was also eager to learn, having not had the same schooling as others and spent a lot of time with Carlisle learning about some of the great writers. Carlisle felt that with Emmett and Rosalie now with us we needed to find a better place to live and we moved to Hoquiam, WA. We found that in nearby LaPush, there was a pack of Quilaute, and they were wolf shifters. The gene that caused them to be able to turn into their wolf form was triggered by our proximity. Not wanting to have any loss of life, Carlisle met with the chief, Ephraim Black, and a treaty was settled. We avoided their lands and kept to our vegetarian lifestyle. We fell in love with the area, the lush beauty, the peaceful mountains, the plentiful source for us to feed. It was obvious to us that our time in any one place had to be limited, that people would notice if we didn’t age. Once we left, we would have to make sure that a generation had passed before going back to avoid anyone remembering us. Since sunlight gave us away as well, we looked for areas that had less. More rainy or snowy days meant less chance of exposure. We stayed in Hoquiam for about 15 years, pushing the limit of the time. Rosalie, Emmet and Edward left after 10 years, heading up to visit our sisters of the Denali coven in Alaska. As Carlisle and I were preparing to join them a few years later, we were surprised one day when we opened the door and found two of our kind, hand in hand. The petite female introduced herself as Alice, and her companion as Jasper. We invited them in and Alice explained that she was able to see future events and she had seen them joining our family. She told us how she found Jasper, how he needed the help Carlisle could give him in living as a vegetarian vampire. I felt aq calm come over us as we talked, a sense of well being and acceptance. Alice revealed his gift of mood manipulation at that time. Carlisle welcomed them as our children, knowing that if Jasper were prone to losing control he could draw the attention of the Volturi. Once they discovered the gifts of both Alice and Jasper, they would covet them and do anything within their power to keep them. However knowing that they were under Carlisle’s watch, they would be less inclined to collect them. We joined Edward, Emmett and Rosalie in Alaska, planning out the family dynamic for our cover story. Since we all looked close in age, we chose to call them all our foster children. Rosalie and Jasper had similar coloring, and we made them brother and sister Hale. Edward, Emmet and Alice took our name and all lived as brothers and sisters, with Carlisle as the patriarch. I was indeed now a mother to them all. While it would not take away what I had lost, it was a blessing to me to have them all. We were now a coven, a family, and we would move about as such, with the kids attending the local schools as we moved around. I collected the mortar boards and one day sat down and assembled them into a large display. Only we knew the meaning behind it. We lived discreetly and hoped that time would find us a mate for Edward, since he seemed to be so very alone. We reminded ourselves how long Jasper went before Alice found him, and tried to keep his spirits up. We knew the right person was out there for him, but we couldn’t know where or when we would find her, or how incredibly it would change all of our lives.

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Comment by Janet Baldwin on June 5, 2013 at 12:17am

Hello Esme, I have just read this Blog post and think it is wonderful that Emmett came such a important member of the Cullen Clan

Comment by Blair Mell on February 1, 2013 at 1:34pm

I am glad Edward did find that perfect someone and your family is very kind and loving people it is people like you that make the world turn and turn around with love Take care



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