Super Bowl Sunday is a big day to me. I love football! I know, it seems out of character, that I would enjoy the game. I have to thank my son Emmett for introducing me to it, teaching me what it was all about, the combat between the teams. When they started to televise them, you would find me and Emmett in front of the TV glued to every game we could watch.


We got to attend our share of games as well, as long as they were at night or in bad weather. Our Super Bowl Sundays became legendary, sometimes we cheered for the same teams, sometimes opposite. He and I studied the rule changes every year, worked to understand what each play meant and overall had a great time. We never got into the Fantasy Football leagues. We have had too much fun on our own; the two of us huddled on the couch, screaming, cheering, swearing and laughing.


No one else quite understands us, or how much enjoyment we get out of what can be a bloody brutal sport. The contact, the clash of the titans, the athleticism! It is a small war on 100 yards, each quarterback a general, guiding their soldiers. And at the end of the game, one moves on, one must try again.


As much as I love the games, the best part has been sharing it with Emmett. I have something special to share with him our own shared time, our own language almost, or at least as far as some of the family is concerned. I love that and look forward to many more years and games with the big bear by my side, cheering, throwing things and dancing in touchdown celebrations.

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Comment by Angelia on February 14, 2014 at 10:04am

That's something we have in common then. Dad and I both like football and will watch OSU Football religiously. Don't say anything about those last two games. I know and I'm still mad!! And we like the Steelers but they kind of pooped out and He for whatever ungodly reason likes the Browns. **gag** But we both like the Superbowl. I like bonding over a football game, beers, and hamburgers or pizza. :) Although he goes into his study when I get mad and start tossing stuff at the TV. LOL!!

Comment by Emmett Cullen on February 6, 2014 at 3:29pm

Always a pleasure to share my passion for football with you! Can't wait for the next super bowl!

Love always, your crazy son



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