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Driving Through California

The State of California is very large 163,696 square miles. Today I am on my way to interview a chap to become the new General Manager for Simplicite. Having arrived in Los Angeles and missed my connection to Sacramento. I thought it might be more prudent to just drive the mileage but now I am second guessing myself.  Although by driving I can stop and have a bite to eat.  I Which may be to my benefit.

As I start out from Los Angeles my navigation equipped vehicle…


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The Black Death

Turning on my computer and waiting for it to finish its start up sequence. I start to reminisce about the suffering of the English people and many of those in Europe when I was a fledgling vampire.

I pull up my search engine and type in The Black Death. The return list of information was varied indeed from band names to films about this horrible time.

I click on a link and start reading...

The black death was one of the most devastating…


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Arriving home in time for Wyn Monath... a very important time of year in the village near the estate. Wyn Monath is the time for making wine. For many long years we have produced some of very fine and rare bottles of wine. Wandering through the fields and making sure that the last of the harvesting has been done.

This time of year is filled with many events in the…


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What is a triathlon?

Resting in the oak trees at a beautiful lake in California. I look at my watch and see the time. “No normal humans are up at this hour”, I murmur to myself.

I hear the testing of the PA system and become curious as to what these mortals are doing on this day.

Banners and fences are being erected. Still more testing of the PA…


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A Renaissance Faire

While visiting California I came across an advertisement about a Renaissance Faire.

Not truly satisfied as to what people term the Renaissance Era. I decided to do some research on this subject. I found a few websites about upcoming faires and found labeled society for creative anachronism (SCA). I was truly unsure of the latter…


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My dear Elizabeth

My dear Elizabeth,

So many years have passed since we last saw each other and I want you to know that I truly miss you. Your smile, your teasing, your laughter, your companionship.

I still steal into your room and read the books on your shelf and borrow your bow and arrow from time to time.

I think of you often and wish that you had lived the life you so wanted.

Your loving brother,


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Dark Shadows

The year is 1967. What a strange year that was but that is for another story. I was sitting in a little corner of a coffee shop, pretending to drink a cup of coffee and eating a slice of pie. When I over heard a group of kids talking about yesterday's episode of a popular television show.…


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A Mother's Last Words

Running, running as fast as I can to get back to the countryside to be back with my mother and sisters. Afraid that the ghost of my father will follow me, afraid that I would be caught… the words from Astaroth repeating in my ears… Power to stand against any man… even an army… stay out of the sun… don’t attract too much attention… the screams of the people I murdered and the limp body of my father on the floor in that room.

Reaching the country house, I search for my mother…


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My awakening and the death of my father

When I woke up from the transformation I was in a room with a group of terrified peasants and a growing…


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My Father's Undoing

My father's undoing was the loss of his co-conspirator my brother Stephen. After his death my mother, my sisters and I went to live in the country house. Where we could live in peace and quiet. Resume a somewhat normal life even with the mark on our good name that treason brings.

This of course did not stop my father. He be came more passionate in his claims that Stephen was wronged. Instead of trying to undo the wrong which it seems a normal man would do for his son.…


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My Father, William DeCarnys

I do not recall a time when my father was not plotting something against the King of England. Oh maybe when I was really young but those memories are very vague at best.

He spent most of his time with my older brother Stephen. He was the golden child, the heir to my father’s legacy. They were involved in scheme after scheme for more wealth and power…


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