Resting in the oak trees at a beautiful lake in California. I look at my watch and see the time. “No normal humans are up at this hour”, I murmur to myself.

I hear the testing of the PA system and become curious as to what these mortals are doing on this day.

Banners and fences are being erected. Still more testing of the PA system which is starting to annoy me. I want to yell out... I can here you just fine and it is hard to understand the gibberish you are speaking, please stop.

Then I see in the dim light of morning the droves of people starting to arrive. I think to myself are these people insane? What on earth are they doing?

I look a little closer at their clothes... some are wearing tight fitting pants and tops. They are on bicycles or walking with them and have huge packs on their backs.

The smell of their blood, their essence is enticing to me. I must resist this urge this time. One might be missed but thirty would be noticed for sure.

Jumping from my spot in the tree, scooping up my hat that had fallen on the ground when I climbed up. Zipping up my hoodie in a feeble attempt to look more human.

Making my way down to the noise I see a corral for the bicycles and people hanging them from their seat. I see the lake in preparation of some swimming competition.

I ask one of the people that walks by what is going on? He states to me with a smile, “A triathlon” and runs about his business. A look of confusion crosses my face and a sweet lady stops and explains that it is a competition. It involves swimming, running and bicycling. People with the fastest times will be given trophies. She says that it will go on for most of the day as there is a short competition and a long competition. The difference being longer distances for the long competition.

I thank her for her explanation and find a secluded place to watch.

Time passes as I look out on to the lake and see the moisture rise from the lake creating fog. Reminding me that it has been awhile since I have been home and that the garden must be in complete disarray again.

Suddenly I hear the bells chime and see a large group of people head to the water I watch them swim around this orange triangular buoy and then the next one. Then I see them race out of the water and head to the bicycle corral for their next leg of their journey. Changing as quickly as they can to dry clothes (some not changing at all) and hopping on to their bicycles and heading out.

Time passes and I see a group of people on their bicycles heading back to the corral and changing their shoes. This must be the running portion of the competition. Knowing that I can run faster then they, I quickly head to the trees to look for the path that they will be on and follow the runners. Keeping a slower human pace but enjoying the opportunity to run.

This is an interesting thing this triathlon.

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